The Designer


Zain Abusakran is a Jordanian/American fashion designer with Palestinian roots. Zain was born and raised in Jordan and moved to the States in 2010. Zain earned her degree in Broadcasting Media with concertation in TV/Radio, but has always had passion for fashion. Her mother, biggest supporter and Co-designer, Manal Jaroun, grew the love of fashion and style into her ever since she was little. Any piece of clothing that Zain or her mom Manal would buy they would add their unique touches to it by adding material, crystals or rhinestones. Zain decided that she wants to grow her love to fashion into life and wanted her visions to not only stay in her mind or on sketches but she actually wanted them to be seen by everyone. Zain envisions that every woman who wears Le Cattleya designs deserves to look feminine, classy, sophisticated, chic, stylish and unique.

Le Cattleya’s Vision/ Story:

Le Cattleya’s collections are steeped in colors, full of life, mixed in fashion and glamour. Designed to satisfy all fine tastes and ages. With the fabulous beauty of colors, flowers, rhinestones and crystals every piece at Le Cattleya has its unique touch of passion.
Le Cattleya’s pieces are inspired by a genus of orchids called Cattleya. Known as the “Queen of Orchids”, the Cattleya flowers are considered to be one of the most beautiful orchids in the world and are found in Costa Rica south to Argentina.

Le Cattleya was launched on November 10, 2017. Following the launch in a couple of months Zain Abusakran was invited to participate in Dallas Fashion Week, that same night after showcasing Le Cattleya’s first collection ever, Zain was invited to showcase in New York Fashion Week and was honored to have Le Cattleya closing the show at NYFW. Estee Lauder Companies Inc. supported Zain’s vision of her line and helped her by having an artistry team creatively create and do makeup/hair looks and by sponsoring Le Cattleya’s gift bags at the NYFW show. Following Dallas and New York Fashion weeks, Le Cattleya showcased in Los Angeles Fashion Week which had opened great doors and opportunities for the brand’s exposure. Zain was the only designer scouted by Walt Disney Studios for her collection for collaborating on one of their upcoming projects.